Triple J Timber
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Triple J proudly serves the US Energy Sector as a leading manufacturer of Mixed Hardwood Timber Mats. You can find Triple J Mats all over the United States. Triple J produces tough, dependable mats at an affordable price. Call or email us today for pricing.


Triple J has been logging in Mississippi for over 25 years. From first and second pine thinning to old hardwood clear cutting, we have the experience and the tools to get the job done, no matter how difficult the terrain. As good stewards of the land, Triple J always cleans up after themselves. We never leave a mess behind. Timber is an investment. No matter who you choose to harvest your investment, do your research, and be sure the harvesters are ethical and professional; otherwise, you may be scammed. If you have land and/or timber, please contact us today.


Triple J Sawmilling Operations have ever evolving needs for hardwood logs. Our facility only utilizes the finest southeastern hardwood timber as feed for our mills. Please contact us today for purchasing prices and type, length, and width requirements.


Triple J Tie and Timber, LLC and Triple J Forest Products, LLC are Family Owned and Operated by the Parkerson Family. The late Billy Parkerson served as an enlisted medic with the 216th Field Artillery Battalion in WWII, and upon returning to his wife, the late Berniece Parkerson in 1945, he was faced with the opportunity of post-war career selection. While dabbling in lots of ventures, farming, logging, and sawmilling would become the trade of choice for Billy. He would unfortunately pass young, but fortunately Billy always saw the importance of passing knowledge about living life the honest way and the timber industry to his youngest child, Keith. While Keith was only twelve at the time of his fathers tragic passing, he had already taken to the idea of carrying on with what his father had taught him about the wood and timber industry. Keith would go on to become a manager at the local sawmill before graduating from high school. He was married to Betty, and not long after, they purchased their first logging equipment. Over the last 25 years, as any in the industry can attest, there have been great times and hard times, but Keith and Betty have always persevered. Together, they have built a successful family owned and operated small business that provides for many jobs in the community. They have raised three young men- Joshua, Justin, and Joey (Triple J!). Joshua is an expert sawyer, and is chief of sawmill operations. Justin is the lead for timber mat production, and Joey supports as the tech guru when needed. As for Betty and Keith, they are just as dedicated today as ever. Betty runs the front office, and Keith is ever diligent managing the company he set out to build as a young child. Timber Cruising Assessments, Land and Timber Purchasing, Thinning Operations, Clear cutting Operations, Sawmill Operations, Timber Mat Production, Railroad Tie Production, and Lumber Production are just a few of the ongoing ventures at Triple J Timber today. The Parkerson Family is thankful for all of our customers, and treat them all just like members of the family. Let the Triple J Team's experience and dedication serve you and your company. They won't let you down.


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